Time-Lapse Photoshop Actions

Click the button below to download my free Photoshop Actions.  No registration or gimmicks involved.  Enjoy and make sure to read the descriptions below for how to use the actions.  Check back as I’ll try to add new actions occasionally.  If you have an action you think would help this website’s readers, please send me a message through the contact form.

How to Install the Photoshop Actions

1) Open Photoshop and select the downward facing arrow at the top right of the actions window.











2) Select “Load Actions…”











3) Find and load the TimeLapseBlog.atn file.











4) Voila!  You can use the actions as described below.











A List of Actions Contained in the Download and How to Use Them

Important:  These actions are set to overwrite the original photos.  Make sure to work from a copy of your files or add a command to save to a different folder.

Star Trails Long

A simple action that can be used for star stacking photos or a time-lapse video.  See my tutorial for how I made this and some tricks on using it.

Important – you must begin by opening the first photo in the sequence, selecting all, copy, and close (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-W in Windows).  You can then run the action on the photos you want to process.

Star Trails Short

This is exactly the same as the Star Trails Long action except the star trails dim slowly as the stars move.  I usually prefer this effect.  The tutorial mentioned above will show you how to adjust the trail length.


7 thoughts on “Time-Lapse Photoshop Actions

  1. I work on a mac and when i copy the image and close it, it says Image not copied to clipboard. Image too big to export

    1. I’m not too familiar with Macs, but I’d guess you’re running an older version, although this shouldn’t be a problem. Is there a way to increase the clipboard’s file size? If not, maybe you can turn off copy exports in PS as it seems only exporting won’t work. I hope those suggestions give you a place to start.

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