QuickTime Pro Time-Lapse Tutorial [video]

Quicktime Symbol

This video is an update of the original, written post below. Go full screen HD for detail. Related Links QuickTime Pro download: Windows Mac Vimeo compression settings —————————————————————– Often mentioned […]

Cleveland Skyline

I shot this video between rainstorms while visiting a friend in Cleveland.  I used my maximum f-8 aperture but still shot at 1/80 sec., even with a polarizing filter.  I don’t particularly […]

Link Roundup

I come across enough excellent websites that don’t fit into my posts that I thought it was time to write a quick roundup of some of my favorite links.  Click […]

Tahoe HDR

Here’s another video I made on my day trip to Tahoe.  I used HDR in order to capture the highlights and shadows, but forgot the first rule of HDR–have plenty […]


This is the final product from my Windows Movie Maker tutorial from the other day. I took my car up into the mountains and went hiking near Lake Tahoe.  It […]

San Francisco Bay

This was the second video I made. I was still using my camera’s built-in intervalometer so it took over three hours to capture the 183 photos used in this video. […]