Dark Tokyo

Tokyo After Earthquake

Anyone who’s ever been to Tokyo or even seen pictures of it is aware it’s a glimmering metropolis of flashing lights and illuminated billboards. However, with the loss of the […]

Sub Zero

Farm house

Sometimes a photographer can do one thing so well it makes an interesting study. In this case, Randy Halverson made a video of long exposure night shots around an old […]

Paris at Night


Someone asked me recently if I’d spent my weekend making time-lapse. When I told them I’d become bored with it, they gasped. The truth is, I’ve been in a bit […]

My Gizmodo Contest Entry

Little Sutro Two 009

On January 18, I mentioned in a post that the technology site Gizmodo was hosting their first ever video contest until Feb. 9 and the theme was time-lapse.  I decided […]

Dark Frame Subtraction


When I began taking long-exposure photos of the night sky last year, I noticed that any shot over three seconds required an equal amount of time before the camera was […]

Moon Rise with Trail

I recently found some videos on YouTube that featured time lapse stars that left trails as they moved across the sky.  This is my first attempt at mimicking that technique. […]