Time-Lapse Jargon Defined

I decided to use one of No. 2 Pen‘s blog ideas for February and define some important terms that I didn’t know when I started time-lapse. Hopefully these definitions can […]

My Gizmodo Contest Entry

Little Sutro Two 009

On January 18, I mentioned in a post that the technology site Gizmodo was hosting their first ever video contest until Feb. 9 and the theme was time-lapse.  I decided […]

HDR Video

HDR video

I’ll begin with this disclaimer:  the following video is not time-lapse.  But it is HDR, one of the top searches readers use when visiting this blog.  I also know that […]

HDR Example Video

I made this short video to show some of the differences between HDR time lapse and normal time lapse.  I’ll finish this tutorial with my next post about using a […]

HDR Time Lapse – overview

Love it or hate it, HDR photography is here to stay. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a fairly new method of merging different exposures of the same photo in order […]

Tahoe HDR

Here’s another video I made on my day trip to Tahoe.  I used HDR in order to capture the highlights and shadows, but forgot the first rule of HDR–have plenty […]