QuickTime Pro Time-Lapse Tutorial [video]

Quicktime Symbol

This video is an update of the original, written post below. Go full screen HD for detail. Related Links QuickTime Pro download: Windows Mac Vimeo compression settings —————————————————————– Often mentioned […]

Vertical Video

The sky was really pretty just before sunrise this morning, so I set up my tripod in the driveway. As a photograph, the orientation was a no brainer–a narrow, vertical […]


Chalk up a new way to ruin a time lapse–goats. That’s right, I’ve dealt with rain, wind, and dogs without too much trouble, but a goat ruined one of the […]

Day and Night

This is my favorite time lapse video so far.  I feel the different elements came together nicely. The final scene is from the Feb. 27, 2009 confluence of the moon […]