How to Make Time-Lapse Videos

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If you’re interested in time-lapse and are coming to this website for the first time, I’ve put together a list of links to my articles to help you get started. Please post a comment or click the “contact me” link at the top if you have any questions after you’re done reading. Please feel free to request new articles you think would be helpful. Thanks for visiting.


My Gear – This is the stuff I use for all my time-lapse videos. It ranges from entry level gear to semi-professional.

Intervalometers – How to use remote timers on your DSLR.

Free Software

VirtualDub Tutorial – My favorite free software for the PC. Lots of controls and plugins.

Picassa – Google’s photo managing software can also make simple time-lapse videos.

Windows Movie Maker – My least favorite of the free software but probably already installed on your PC.

Paid Software

QuickTime Pro – I don’t have much good to say about this $30 program except that you probably need it if you want to produce professional content.

Hack a PowerShot

Install CHDK on your Canon PowerShot – This useful software add-on is free and adds a whole lot of functionality.

Install a CHDK Intervalometer – This tiny program works with CHDK to take timed photos.

General Knowledge

Why Use Photos? – For anyone wondering why I don’t recommend starting with video.

RAW vs. Jpeg – It’s size vs. control in this ongoing argument.

White Balance – Is your color changing between frames? Here’s why.

Reference Material

The Book – A beginner’s guide to time-lapse by Ryan Chylinski. This book is a thorough breakdown of most problems you’ll face, presented in a more orderly format than this website.

The Photographers – Learn from the best. These are some of the best known time-lapse photographers.

The Forum – Tom Lowe’s forum is my favorite place to learn new techniques from experts. Less orderly than this website but with deeper comprehension for those who already understand the basics.

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  1. Hi – Used your VirtualDub tutorial a long time ago and it was great – came back for a refresher but the link seems to be broken (goes to blank page). Any chance of resuscitating? Until then I’ll just meditate over the starting grey screen of VirtualDub.


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