Time-Lapse Jargon Defined

I decided to use one of No. 2 Pen‘s blog ideas for February and define some important terms that I didn’t know when I started time-lapse. Hopefully these definitions can […]

The $50,000 Time-Lapse Contest


Wait… Seriously? Yep, Intel has started a video and photo contest called “A Momentary Lapse” that has over $50,000 worth of prizes. The contest is calling for submissions of time-lapse […]

My Equipment 2012

Canon 60D

It’s been a while since I listed exactly what I’m using for time-lapse. So, after a couple requests, here it is. I’ve used Amazon affiliate links because I bought most […]

Timescapes Forum

Timescapes forum

I woke up this morning and realized I’ve never mentioned one of my favorite places for information about time-lapse. Tom Lowe has gained popularity for his video clips (1.2 million […]

Carmageddon Time-Lapse


  LA Times journalist Jeff Amlotte spent last weekend capturing the construction project that caused the much-hyped Carmageddon in Los Angeles. After watching this video, I have to say, “was […]

Gizmodo Time-Lapse Video Challenge


(Contest is now over) The Contest Gizmodo, the site best known for buying Apple’s lost iPhone 4, just announced their first video contest.  They’ve previously offered photography contests but this […]

Webcam Time Lapses


To further illustrate last week’s post, I picked three videos I assembled from webcam captures.  They show the different videos available using the method I described.  All three were captured and […]

Videos Made From Image Series


This week’s post is a bit different because these are the first videos I’ve made where I didn’t take the photographs myself.  I’ve been trying different web cam capturing programs […]