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The Earth From Space

Earth From Space

I’ve seen a lot of time-lapse videos over the last couple of years, but this has to be among the top three. The 3.5 million people who’ve watched it in […]

London Riots Fire

London Fire Time-Lapse

I’ve seen wildfires captured in time-lapse before but never fires in such a metropolitan setting as London. Apparently, the fires were part of two nights of looting following the shooting […]

Phoenix Dust Storm

It’s not every day a photographer makes the national news for a time-lapse video. Congratulations to Mike Olbinski for snagging an NBC Today interview for his video of the haboob […]

Around the World


I like to post some videos on this site that test the boundries of what we might consider time-lapse. This video was compiled from the stock landscape image archive at […]

Dark Tokyo

Tokyo After Earthquake

Anyone who’s ever been to Tokyo or even seen pictures of it is aware it’s a glimmering metropolis of flashing lights and illuminated billboards. However, with the loss of the […]

The Milky Way from Spain

Milky Way Time-Lapse

A couple weeks ago, I posted an amazing Aurora Borealis time-lapse video I found. Now, Terje Sorgjerd has made another amazing video. This new video is called “The Mountain” and […]

Acorn to Oak Sapling

Acorn to Oak Time-Lapse

Neil Bromhall collected an acorn last autumn and recorded it growing over the winter. The first minute is pretty slow so skip ahead to 1:10 if you just want to […]

Sub Zero

Farm house

Sometimes a photographer can do one thing so well it makes an interesting study. In this case, Randy Halverson made a video of long exposure night shots around an old […]

One World Trade Center

Capture Here’s a good use of computer graphics and real time-lapse combined. The video shows what Manhattan will look like once the new One World Trade Center building is completed. […]

Aurora Borealis


The aurora is one of those things many people try to capture but few do well. This video by Terje Sorgjerd is definitely one of the better videos I’ve seen. […]

Paris at Night


Someone asked me recently if I’d spent my weekend making time-lapse. When I told them I’d become bored with it, they gasped. The truth is, I’ve been in a bit […]

Missouri Blizzard 2011


I’ve sat at my computer all winter and watched video after video of snow piling up without ever feeling the need to post them.  The videos usually feature a ruler […]

Brain Imaging Time-Lapse


I’m taking advantage of a lull in online time-lapse news to feature something I normally wouldn’t post on this site.  The video above shows growth in a mouse’s brain in […]

War of the Worlds


Here’s an odd mash-up that works for some reason.  There doesn’t seem to be much of a connection between the HDR time-lapse on screen and Orson Welles’ famous War of […]

New York City


This video was published a few days ago and it immediately grabbed my attention. The video captures the frenetic pace of NYC but it also uses a few techniques to […]

Life-sized Gundam Mecha


As every otaku knows, Gundam currently has a life-sized statue in Japan of one of its robots.  The statue looks cool but I never really gave it much attention until […]

Jupiter in Motion


The video above is impressive enough by itself but it becomes downright astounding when you learn the creator was an amateur astronomer. Damian Peach made this video by videotaping Jupiter […]

A Year in 40 Seconds


Two years ago, a videographer called eirikso posted a time-lapse video he had made of his backyard over the course of a year.  He went into detail about how he […]

9-11 Movie Project: "Rebirth"


Here’s another video for anyone interested in massive time-lapse undertakings.  Tom Lappin is the director of photography for Project Rebirth, which has been making ongoing time-lapse videos of ground zero […]

This is Big–Literally


Gigapan to Feature Time-Lapse Videos By now, you’re probably familiar with the Gigapan website.  It allows users to take multiple photos by using a proprietary camera mount and automatically stitch […]

Wild Plants of Japan

Capture posted some amazing videos of wild plants (and fungus) from Japan blooming in time-lapse.  Unfortunately, the videos are all in standard definition but they’re still some of the best […]

2010 NYC Marathon


I keep mental notes about what I think would make good material for a time-lapse and what wouldn’t.  Until this week, I would have put marathons into the latter catagory. […]

Focus Pull by MILapse

Focus pull

When I first began making time-lapse videos a couple of years ago, some of the first quality videos I came across were from someone called MILapse (for Michigan time-lapse) on […]

HDR Video

HDR video

I’ll begin with this disclaimer:  the following video is not time-lapse.  But it is HDR, one of the top searches readers use when visiting this blog.  I also know that […]

Tom Lowe’s "Rapture"


Tom Lowe of has been making creative time lapse videos for a while, but I thought his newest video was worth posting because of the overall quality and the […]

The Unseen Sea


This video was made by Simon Christen and comes by way of NPR.  It shows San Francisco’s fog in a different way than I’m used to seeing it.  Christen’s website […]