My Experiments

Walking Time-Lapse

Conservatory of Flowers

I posted a video by Luke Shepard a few months ago featuring Paris at night. I’ve finally gotten around to posting a response to that video. This video was made […]

My Gizmodo Contest Entry

Little Sutro Two 009

On January 18, I mentioned in a post that the technology site Gizmodo was hosting their first ever video contest until Feb. 9 and the theme was time-lapse.  I decided […]

Experiments in Tilt-Shift


I mentioned a couple of months ago that I’d started playing around with tilt-shift videos. Here’s a collection of some of those videos. It was shot over the course of […]

Planes Landing at SFO


I’ve wanted to record planes landing at a major airport for a while and finally took the opportunity after renting a camera from  I headed to San Francisco International […]

My Lunar Eclipse Video


My plan was to rent a camera and a tracking telescope to record tonight’s lunar eclipse.  Three days ago, the weather report showed nothing but clouds for all of California […]

My First Tilt-Shift


I was inspired by Sam O’Hare’s videos to try my hand at tilt-shift.  I made a few attempts and am surprisingly happy with this result.  I couldn’t get my camera […]

Cleveland Skyline

I shot this video between rainstorms while visiting a friend in Cleveland.  I used my maximum f-8 aperture but still shot at 1/80 sec., even with a polarizing filter.  I don’t particularly […]

From a Plane Window

It’s been a while since I posted an original video, so here’s one I made in late January from the window of an Airbus A319. I started recording as soon […]

Moon Rise with Trail

I recently found some videos on YouTube that featured time lapse stars that left trails as they moved across the sky.  This is my first attempt at mimicking that technique. […]

HDR Example Video

I made this short video to show some of the differences between HDR time lapse and normal time lapse.  I’ll finish this tutorial with my next post about using a […]

Highway I-5

I haven’t posted to the blog for a while, so here’s a short video to break the streak. I made this at my work to show the kids how I […]

Ohio Time Lapse

I made this video on a visit to Ohio back in the spring.  It was a very rainy week, so the few shots I was able to take were seperated […]

Vertical Video

The sky was really pretty just before sunrise this morning, so I set up my tripod in the driveway. As a photograph, the orientation was a no brainer–a narrow, vertical […]

Tahoe HDR

Here’s another video I made on my day trip to Tahoe.  I used HDR in order to capture the highlights and shadows, but forgot the first rule of HDR–have plenty […]


This is the final product from my Windows Movie Maker tutorial from the other day. I took my car up into the mountains and went hiking near Lake Tahoe.  It […]


Chalk up a new way to ruin a time lapse–goats. That’s right, I’ve dealt with rain, wind, and dogs without too much trouble, but a goat ruined one of the […]

Day and Night

This is my favorite time lapse video so far.  I feel the different elements came together nicely. The final scene is from the Feb. 27, 2009 confluence of the moon […]

Cars at Night

This is the first video I made using CHDK. The camera was set on Program with a one second exposure. The shots were taken six seconds apart. In retrospect, I […]

Levee Sunset

This was my first sunset video. I took it south of town next to a levee that extended for miles through fields. It really shows the importance of composition in […]

Embarcadero Pan

This was the third video I took but the only one, so far, with panning.  I still like the final result but it took too much effort to create.  In […]

San Francisco Bay

This was the second video I made. I was still using my camera’s built-in intervalometer so it took over three hours to capture the 183 photos used in this video. […]

North Park Lake

This was my first successful time lapse video. I made it with my camera’s built-in intervalometer which has a minimum interval of 60 seconds. By comparison, I usually use three […]