Time-lapse Photography: A Complete Introduction - eBook

Time-lapse Photography: A Complete Introduction

I bought Time-lapse Photography: A Complete Introduction by Ryan Chylinski in the early summer to see if it would be something I could recommend to my readers. I’d already read the first twenty pages, which you can find embedded below, and I knew the author offered a full refund if I didn’t like it. I’m glad to say that not only did it live up to my expectations, but I learned a few things about the mechanics of time-lapse.

I’ve signed up as an affiliate for this book, which means I’ll get a percentage of any sale made through these links.  Before I recommend any product, I try it myself and make sure I can stand behind it.  Below is why I think many people could benefit from this book and where I’d like to see improvement.  If you have any constructive feedback, please leave a comment below and I promise to post it.  Thanks for supporting this website.

Who Will Benefit From this Book?

Time-lapse is about as big a subject as photography and video making combined, so it would be impossible to cover everything necessary in one book. Chylinski spends the first half of the book explaining the basics without getting into too many details. The second half contains more step-by-step tutorials for popular software and flowcharts explaining different options for capture and processing.

Because this is such an expansive subject, I think readers with an entry-to-mid level of experience would benefit most from this book. I consider most of the posts on TimeLapseBlog.com to be aimed at the same passionate hobbyist group.

I also think this book would be a good present for anyone interested in starting time-lapse or exploring photography for the first time with a DSLR.

How is this Different from TimeLapseBlog.com?

First, the format is different.  I enjoy sharing new techniques as I work on them but this book offers a start-to-finish quick guide that should get anyone going right away.  This website isn’t meant to answer every question in a linear format but instead suggests projects or helps with particular issues.

My website lets me go into more depth on particular subjects than can be addressed in a book and I love getting feedback that I’ve helped solve problems with specific software or techniques.  This book tries to answer more fundamental problems with time-lapse that I think integrates well with the in-depth tutorials and discussions on my website.

Chylinski mentions just about everything you’d need to know for most types of time-lapse.  While he can’t go into too many details about something like the Canon Hacker Development Kit (CHDK), you’ll at least know what it is and why you might want to use it before reading my CHDK tutorial or another one on the web.

Why I Like this Book

The main reason I like this book is because I was nodding in agreement the whole time.  Chylinski obviously knows his subject well.  When he shows a workflow of a changing sky, it’s the exact RAW to Lightroom to LRTimelapse technique I used for my Yosemite video.

He includes tutorials for some popular video editors, such as After Effects, and links to many good resources on the web.  I especially liked the night sky section, which had good, accurate tips about preventing dew, descriptions of useful settings, and links to free software for predicting conditions.

How to Read this Book

There aren’t many shortcomings in this book.  The only two worth mentioning are some typographical mistakes and the restriction to the .pdf format.  The color photos work best on a computer screen or an iPad, but I’ve come to expect Kindle and Nook versions of ebooks.  Hopefully, Chylinski will offer the book in more formats soon.  I downloaded the book onto my computer and smartphone.  While the computer worked well, I couldn’t resize the text on my smartphone and had to give up trying to read it.  I’m pretty sure the book would look good on a tablet.


I’ve wanted to link to a book on time-lapse for a couple years but never found something worth promoting until now.  At the current price of $14.99, this ebook is half the price of many similar books on other photography websites.  If I had a friend who was interested in starting time-lapse and wanted an easier way to learn than trial and error, I’d highly recommend reading this book and then browsing this website for further information.

  • 146 pages of tips, photos, and tutorials.

  • 90 day money back guarantee. Just email the author for a full refund for any reason.

  • Secure processing at a major ebook website. Visa and Mastercard accepted.

  • Only $14.99.

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  1. Your blog is awesome, so much great info. Looking forward to learning about this great technique. So far I have created a few videos using my point and shoot Canon SX230 HS with the CHDK hack and an intervalometer script. Works really well…and right around my budget :) I’m starting my own blog to show my progression with time lapse photography – check it out Intervalometer.org

    Looking forward to perusing your site! Best of luck!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Philipp.

      I’ve started using an SX260 HS with CHDK in addition to my Canon 60D. My CHDK video tutorial for the SX260 HS will be available within a week.

      Good luck with your blog. I hope you’ll come back to comment in the future.

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