Black Widow Photos

My Black Widow

Click the photos for larger versions.

Check out her jaws

This shows her size pretty well and how round her abdomen was.

Those legs are crazy.  It reminds me of a machine, not an animal.

Another fuzzy picture that gives a sense of size.

Just a clear photo of the hourglass.

Probably my favorite photo.  This is the classic Black Widow.

As requested, here are a few photos of the black widow I caught in central California. Sorry for the fuzziness of two of the photos, but I tried to pick a couple that showed its size.  After reading a bunch of good comments, I’m pretty sure she was pregnant.  Guess I’m glad I got rid of her before she laid eggs.  

For more information on the black widow and this particular subspecies, visit the Wikipedia site for Western Black Widow.

All photos were taken with a Canon Powershot S3 IS.  The newest version of this camera is the Canon Powershot SX40 HS.

13 thoughts on “Black Widow Photos

  1. Beautiful!!!! She looks like she had a great season for feeding! I had 5 “bing cherry”-black widows this past season. Monsoon was wonderful for the first time in years, in the desert Southwest. As a result, the insect-bug populations were in abundance. Gluttony allowed my mighty, 8-legged predators to feast! I call them bing cherries, as they’re booty’s were all the size of a ripe, Bing cherry.
    Awesome, arachnid! She could be ready to spin a sack for babies- as she appears to be gravid. However, like mine, she could have had many great meals!
    Thank you for posting!

  2. Sweet! i’m actually quite afraid of spiders, but i <3 black widdows… actually had a pregant one in my shed. i have NO problems with spiders outside my house, they come inside…. and then i have to kill them. i applaud you for releasing it far away from any houses. She actually looked like my "peanut" before she laid eggs. Man, she was a fat mama!

  3. I just accidentally pinched my leg while looking at these photos and scared myself so badly, thinking I’d been bitten by that beast.

  4. OHHH SCARY SCARY Sorry. i was wearing a headset and the wires tickled me while i was looking at the photos. It scared me.
    P.S My name is NOT HUH.

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