Intervalock: The Sheath for your Intervalometer

Product Overview from Intervalock on Vimeo.

This has to be the most oddly specific piece of time-lapse gear I’ve seen. That someone would make a sheath specially designed for time-lapse photographers shows this hobby is gaining serious traction. At the same time, it looks incredibly useful and I’d probably keep it attached to my favorite tripod at all times.

Anyone who’s taken time-lapse with even a hint of wind knows that the lens cap and intervalometer can act as sails and cause motion in the final images. I counter this by wrapping the intervalometer tightly around the camera base. I’ve also heard of people attaching Velcro to their intervalometer and tripod but I always forget to buy it at the hardware store.

Anyway, if you’ve got $16 burning a hole in your pocket and want to avoid the irritation of ruined photos, head over to the Intervalock website to take a look for yourself.

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