Who’s Who in Time-Lapse

Photo by konradfoerstner on Flickr

Photo by konradfoerstner on Flickr

If you’re beginning time-lapse or want to step up your game, what better way than to learn from an expert? Below are some of the biggest names in time-lapse and links to their sites. I choose some seminal photographers and others who have changed time-lapse or simply have a large web presence. They’re presented in no particular order. My apologies if I missed someone. Please add your favorite time-lapse photographers in the comments.

John Nash Ott – Chances are you’ve never heard of Ott, but you’re familiar with his work if you’ve ever seen Disney’s “Cinderella.” Ott was commissioned by Disney to make a time-lapse of a pumpkin growing to full size. Animators then used this footage as the inspiration for the pumpkin-to-coach sequence in the film. Ott’s book, My Ivory Cellar, talks about the early days of time-lapse.

Ron Fricke – Director of Baraka and Samsara (official site) and cinematographer for Koyaanisqatsi (IMDB). Fricke is often held as the undisputed master of time-lapse.

Jay Burlage (aka MILapse) – I began following Jay a few years ago when he first started attaching telescope tripod heads to motorized sliders for panning time-lapse videos. Since then, Burlage’s company Dynamic Perception (official site) has become the go-to producer of motion control time-lapse gear. Find Burlage on Twitter. It’s also worth noting Ryan Chylinski, whose time-lapse manual I recommend, works with Burlage.

Philip Bloom – It’s hard to find anyone in time-lapse with a bigger online presence than Bloom (official site). Not only does he share his gleeful excitement for time-lapse, mocked in this video, but he offers information on other forms of cinematography on Vimeo.

Vincent Laforet – Like Philip Bloom, Laforet’s talent extends beyond time-lapse. Check out his show reel at his website or read his blog.

Tom Lowe – The website devoted to Lowe’s film, “Timescapes,” has the best time-lapse forum on the web. Check out the trailer to see why Lowe’s included on this list.

I know I’ve missed a few dozen really good time-lapse photographers, so I’ll try to keep this list updated as I realize my omissions. I hope these links will inspire you to get out and make something amazing. Thanks for reading.

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