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I’ve noticed the “Discounts” tab on my site gets a lot of clicks but doesn’t have much content, so I’m going to add a few more items that I think would help visitors. The first discount I’m going to mention is for Topaz Labs’ DeNoise filter. I’m not an affiliate for a few reasons, most importantly because you can save more money by searching discount codes elsewhere on the web. However, if you can’t find a better discount, you can save 10% by entering “timelapseblog” at checkout. At the time of posting, the code “scottwyden” seems to work for 15% off. These codes should work on all Topaz products.

Topaz Labs DeNoise – try discount code “scottwyden” or just use the 30-day free trial.

My Review of Topaz DeNoise

When I was shooting with my Canon Powershot S3 IS, I had to deal with a lot more noise than with my current Canon 60D, especially when I worked on my star trail videos. To counter this, I had to use filters in post to smooth out the photos.

My favorite software quickly became Topaz DeNoise for its ease of use. It integrated perfectly with Photoshop and was basically idiot-proof. I also used Noise Ninja, which was recommended by other photographers, and liked the results but it took more calibration. Topaz DeNoise worked well with my post work flow because I could include the filter in my batch processing.

For some reason, Topaz DeNoise doesn’t seem to work well on my more recent photos from my Canon 60D. I’ve instead switched to making adjustments in Lightroom when I do the RAW to jpeg conversion. This seems to work pretty well but takes more effort.

Other Topaz Products

The nice thing about all Topaz products is they include a free 30-day trial. I played around with a few filters but didn’t find anything I felt was worth buying for time-lapse besides DeNoise. I’m a little curious about their new Star Effects filter but haven’t tried it. I think it might be fun to include in some star time-lapse videos. I’ve tried creating similar effects with Photoshop actions but without much success.

If you’ve used Topaz DeNoise, Noise Ninja, or any other noise reduction program for time-lapse, please let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for better or faster solutions. Thanks.

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