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Astro Time-Lapse

For those who haven’t heard of Kickstarter, it’s a fundraising website where inventors and artists can appeal directly to the public for funding. Those who pledge money are promised something in return, often the item in development or a copy of the artwork.

I keep hearing about time-lapse projects through Kickstarter, which I find very exciting. Time-lapse benefits when many smart people try to overcome problems through affordable solutions. I think the time-lapse market will continue to grow as people discover how easy and interesting it is and we’ll see many new projects on Kickstarter. The following are a couple current Kickstarter projects (Aug. 2012) and a couple past ones. I don’t endorse any particular one and need to stress there’s risk involved in any early investment. I’m especially excited for any bulb-ramping features because there aren’t many good solutions on the market. Click any title to open more information in a new tab.

Astro: Time Lapse + Motion Control

A simple, compact pan and tilt control with intervalometer. The interface is only three twist rings and three buttons.

Radian: A Motion Time-Lapse Device for Everyone

Similar to the Astro but controlled through your smartphone.

Genie – Motion Control Time Lapse Device

This gained a lot of attention a couple months back. It’s a way to move your camera at timed intervals on almost any slider.

Long Term Time Lapse for Colorado River Film

An art project that was funded through Kickstarter. The artist wanted money for equipment to do a long term time-lapse installation.

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