The $50,000 Time-Lapse Contest


Wait… Seriously?

Yep, Intel has started a video and photo contest called “A Momentary Lapse” that has over $50,000 worth of prizes. The contest is calling for submissions of time-lapse and slow motion videos. They’re also accepting photos, but it seems like that’s the smaller part of the contest. Vicent Laforet, who I’ve mentioned before on this site, even gives a brief explanation of time-lapse as an intro to the contest.

Prizes, You Say?

Before I get into the boring details, here’s what you could win with a time-lapse video entry:

• Grand Prize – Intel Online Advertisement(*) + Canon 5D Mark III* with a EF35mm f/1.4L USM lens + Dell XPS* UltrabookTM with an Intel® Core™ i5 processor + CyberLink PowerDirector* software . Approximate retail value $6,878.00 USD (7,001.93 CAD)
• First Place – Canon EOS 7D Digital Camera + Dell XPS* Ultrabook with an Intel® Core™ i5 processor+ CyberLink PowerDirector* software . Approximate retail value $2,798.00 USD (2,848.41 CAD)
• Second Place – Dell XPS* UltrabookTM with an Intel® Core™ i5 processor and CyberLink PowerDirector* software. Approximate retail value $1,099.00 USD (1,198.91 CAD)
• Third Place – GoPro* Camera with mount and CyberLink PowerDirector* software. Approximate retail value $348.00 USD (354.30 CAD)
• Fourth Place – CyberLink Power Director* Software. Approximate retail value $99.00 USD (100.79 CAD)

(*) One Intel Online Advertisement may feature content in part or in full from all three Grand Prize Winners.

I already use and love my Intel i7 processor, but the Canon 5D Mk. III alone is enough to make me drool. The photo contest has its own prizes but you’re on the wrong blog if that’s your focus.

How to Enter (aka “The Boring Details”)

The main contest page tells you the very basics of entering before directing you to a more thorough page, which in turn takes you to this comprehensive pdf. I’ve included a few key points, but you should obviously read all the details before you enter because I’m not your lawyer.

The Basics:
– The contest is open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. states, Washington D.C., and Canada excluding Quebec (pourquoi pas?).
– You must be over 18 (sorry).
– The contest runs from June 20, 2012 through Oct. 23, 2012, PST. Another place on the site says Nov. 6 for some reason.
– Entries should be 30-90 seconds.
– The theme should be music, style, entertainment, or sports. Kind of odd, considering it’s for time-lapse.
– The contest is broken up into three periods of submissions and winners.
– The only music allowed are these five tracks that you can download.
– The subject matter has to be appropriate for YouTube and a national campaign (duh).
– All people shown in the video need to fill out the proper forms to use their likenesses.
– To enter, either upload your video to your YouTube account or upload it directly to the site. Either way, you’ll have to visit this page.

The Standard Scary Stuff

By submitting a video, you

irrevocably grant us a worldwide non-exclusive, royalty free
license (where relevant, by way of present license of present and future copyright) to: (i) copy, reproduce, adapt, translate, alter, rearrange, edit, cut, dub or subtitle in any language, and add to or delete from your Video (including without limitation the right to extract audio only or picture only content from your Video) and Photo, in any way whatsoever, for the purpose of making and producing, advertising, promoting, publicizing, broadcasting, exhibiting, distributing, exploiting and communicating Intel, and to include your Video (or any such altered or edited version of your Video), and Photo whether as a single sequence or a series of sequences and preceded or followed by and interlaced with such other content (including without limitation any commercial breaks) as we determine in our sole discretion; (ii) advertise, promote, publicize, broadcast, exhibit, distribute and exploit the Program incorporating your Video and Photo, or any such altered or edited version of your Video and Photo, throughout the world in perpetuity in all media and by any and all means now known or devised in future; and (iii) communicate your Video and Photo, or any part thereof, to the public, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the Program in any media formats and through any media channels.

*breathless gasp* Can you believe that’s one sentence? I read it to mean, “your video is ours the second you upload it.” Of course, if your video was so awesome to begin with, you probably wouldn’t have to enter it into a contest to win some prizes because you could sell it. I feel ok with these rules as long as I treat the video as a fun experiment that lets me break out all my filters and try some new photo editing techniques. And because it’s non-exclusive, I can always use the video clips again if I want. What’s less clear is who maintains rights to the music. To be safe, I’ll keep a version without the audio track.

Will Submit an Entry?

Yeah, probably. I don’t think I’ve ever won an online contest but they’re always fun. I think the last one I entered was this video of Sutro Tower for the Gizmodo time-lapse contest.

Did I miss anything? Are you submitting a video or photo? If so, please leave a link in the comments. It’s really easy and will guarantee you at least one more view. Good luck!

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