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I’ve used twice and was very happy both times. I’ve picked up at their store in San Carlos, California, and had equipment delivered to San Francisco for a small fee. Everything was clean and worked well. They also ship to all fifty states and Puerto Rico as well as having several pick-up locations on the west coast.

The first time I used was to rent a Canon 7D when I was deciding which DSLR to buy. I ultimately decided on the Canon 60D for the similar quality but lower price. The second time was to rent a fast, wide angle lens for astrophotography time-lapse in Yosemite. I rented the Tokina 11-16mm lens and absolutely loved it.

Besides the benefit of trying out new cameras and lenses before I buy them, sometimes a lens just isn’t worth buying. Even though I loved the Tokina, it doesn’t work with full frame sensors so I couldn’t use it if I decided to upgrade to a Canon 5D or if I *gasp* decide to try Nikon.

Camera rental also lets you try the impractical or overly expensive. You can rent an underwater camera or even one that’s modified to shoot infrared.

To get the discount, click the link above and enter any available code into the Promotional Codes box at checkout. Renting through this link supports my website and I always appreciate it. Thanks to everyone who’s rented through the above links. I’d love it if you’d let me know your experiences in the comments. Good, bad, or indifferent, let me know what you think so I know if I should keep recommending their services.

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