Use Twixtor to Smooth Time-Lapse Videos

Twixtor time-lapse

What is Twixtor?

Twixtor is a plug-in that works with most popular video editing programs. To the best of my non-techie understanding, it takes two frames of a video and estimates what frames in between these would look like. The amazing thing is it does this really well. By estimating and then manufactoring these missing frames, action shots can turn into slow motion shots without the use of a high speed camera. Check out a this video shot at normal speed but then slowed down with Twixtor.

Use with Time-Lapse

I’ve known Twixtor could be used with time-lapse but I’ve never seen it in action. Now, jonni from the blog jonni on hd has released this video showing the dramatic difference this program can make. Off hand, I can think of two uses for this–as a way to slow down a video when the minimum frame rate makes the action too fast and to bring up a 25 fps video to a 30 fps video without changing the play length. Notice how the grass looks better in the Twixtor video, but especially look at how smooth the cloud motion is when the video is slowed to 70% speed.

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6 thoughts on “Use Twixtor to Smooth Time-Lapse Videos

  1. Hey there,
    I’ve been watching your blog for a while now, and I have to say I really like your posts. They’re both creative and inspiring, but they also display usefull, technical info!
    And as far as this post is concerned, it’s really good to know this technique.
    I’m also into timelapsing, I have a DSLR and an intervalometer, and I plan on making a timelapse dolly these coming weeks. I hope to make some similar videos with the ones you’ve been posting.
    Keep up the good work and keep posting!
    Peace and respect!

    1. I keep meaning to make a time-lapse dolly but still haven’t gotten around to it. I hope you share a link to your build if you post it online.

      1. Yeah, sure. I just hope it’s gonna’ be done really fast, so I get to take advantage of the summer time, and catch some good shots.
        Keep in touch’

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