Correct White Balance with PhotoShop CS5


I just found this video from Adobe that explains how to correct auto white balance in star time-lapses using PhotoShop CS5. It’s far from easy and requires the newest version of PhotoShop, but this will help a lot of beginning photographers. I previously explained why white balance is important to time-lapse. I might try to adapt this technique for my earlier version of the software. It could be useful to change the night sky color in case I make a mistake setting my white balance.

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3 thoughts on “Correct White Balance with PhotoShop CS5

  1. I don’t see the problem. I adjust the whitebalance before I do the video in my raw converting software: Lightroom. Easy and straight away.
    Btw: There is a great aoftware available which connects Lightroom and the generation of time lapse videos: LR-Timelapse. I can really recommend this piece of software. Check it out at:

    1. A lot of people like to shoot time-lapse using jpeg. The RAW vs. jpeg debate it too big to get into here, but shooting in jpeg has some advantages. One of the disadvantages, however, is you have to make sure to set the white balance correctly when you shoot.

      Thanks for the link to the software.

      1. Thats right. I prefer Raw. LR-Timelapse works with all image formats that Lightroom can work with. So you can even take advantage of it, when you shoot Jpg.

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