‘Everyday’ for iPhone Takes Daily Self Portraits

We’ve all seen videos made by taking one self portrait a day, such as this one, which was even copied on The Simpsons. These have always been made by a dedicated few who have the time and tenacity to photograph themselves regularly. Now the rest of us can make these videos without the hassle.

A new iPhone app, Everyday, came out this week that lets users take daily photos and compile them into a movie. Being of the Android persuasion, I haven’t tested out this app but I hear it’s clean and easy to use. Unlike our regular cameras, many of us carry our cell phones almost everywhere we go. In Everyday, you can set a daily alarm to let you know when to snap a photo. When the alarm sounds, simply open the app, line up your face with the preset points or use the previous day’s photo as a reference, and snap a photo. That’s it. After a couple of months you’ll be ready to see your first short video.

Everday retails for $1.99 USD at the iPhone app store.

[via IOSnoops]

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