One Day on a Little Planet


Photo by Chris Kotsiopoulos

I saw this photo a couple weeks back and immediately wanted to post it to this blog.  The problem was I couldn’t quite justify the deviation from time-lapse videos until today.  It turns out the photographer, Chris Kotsiopoulos, posted a video of the star trails as a time-lapse.  You can see it below.

The “little planet” photo technique has been sweeping the photography blogs for quite some time.  Photojojo recently posted a simple but very informative tutorial on their site.  This photo was shot over the course of around 27 hours using many of the same techniques used for time-lapse video.  I’m trying to adapt this to time-lapse and will post my first video soon.

Kotsiopoulos explains the whole process on his forum.  He includes details ranging from setting up his power supply, to taking the photos, and even the exact programs he uses.  Scroll down as it’s broken into smaller sections.

[Via Photojojo and Earth Science Picture of the Day]

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4 thoughts on “One Day on a Little Planet

    1. That’s much better than my attempt. I didn’t think of combining three shots into each picture the way you did. I’d love to know what program you used to merge them all so seamlessly.

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