11 Best Tilt Shift Videos

What the Heck’s Tilt Shift?

I’ve mentioned tilt shift a few times on this site and even posted a couple of test videos but I’ll give a brief explanation to anyone reading this blog for the first time.  Tilt shift is a photographic technique that takes an ordinary photo and makes it look like a photo of a miniature toy set.  It does this through selective focus and color saturation.  Take enough photos and put them together using free software and you’ve got a tilt shift time-lapse video.

I’ve assembled the following videos from a range of excellent choices.  I picked them for their quality as well as their unique subject matter.  There are a few prominent names in tilt shift, such as Sam O’Hare and Keith Loutit, so I tried to limit the number of videos to one per videographer.  Enjoy!

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