Top Posts of the Last Year


Hack Your PowerShot With CHDK – a step-by-step guide for Canon PowerShot owners to install the popular CHDK software that greatly expands the camera’s capabilities.

Install a CHDK Intervalometer on Your PowerShotpart two of the Canon PowerShot CHDK guide for installing a script for taking time lapse pictures.

Free Video Software:

Using VirtualDub for Time LapseVDub is free software that works well for compiling time lapse photos into videos.

Using Windows Movie Maker for Time LapseWMM isn’t the best solution for making time lapse videos, but it can work with some tweaks.  This is the older version installed on most Windows machines before Windows 7.

Windows Live Movie Maker – Time Lapse Tutorial – an updated version of WMM.  It works much better for time lapse videos.


HDR Time Lapse – Photomatix Batch Processing – using the popular Photomatix software for bulk HDR actions.

HDR Time Lapse – Deflicker – a common problem with HDR videos can be solved easily through VirtualDub.

HDR Time Lapse – Overview – just a brief explanation of HDR.


Make a Webcam Time Lapse – use an internet feed to compile photos for a time lapse video.

Webcam Capture – CamStudio – an alternative method for capturing webcam images.


Determining Sunrise/Sunset Locations – how to use the NOAA Solar Calculator anywhere in the world.

Star Trails Photoshop Action – a small Photoshop action I wrote for night sky time lapse.

Make Video Wallpaper for Your iPhone – for users of jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches.

Not Popular but Worth a Look:

Dark Frame Subtraction – explains a common problem of night time lapse.

How to Pick the Best Camera for Time Lapse – just what the title say.

Five Rules for Beginners – if someone asked me how to get started, I’d point them to this post.

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