Windows Live Movie Maker – Time-Lapse Tutorial

Last year, Microsoft came out with an updated version of its free movie making software now called Windows Live Movie Maker.  With the introduction of Windows 7, all new PCs should include Windows Live Movie Maker.  If you’re using an older version of Windows, the new Movie Maker should still work (download link).

The good news for time lapse enthusiasts is that this new version simplifies the process and no longer requires the workaround that I described in a previous post.

Getting Started

Begin by importing all of the photos in your time lapse series into Movie Maker.  I prefer to number them sequentially, but I believe Movie Maker is less picky than VirtualDub in this regard.

Change the Duration

Select all of the photos you’ve just imported and click on the “Edit” tab at the top of the screen.  The only available selection is “Duration,” which is set to 5.0 seconds by default.  For the video I’ve used in this tutorial, I’ve set the interval to 16 fps or 0.06 seconds when rounded down.  Here are some other times for easy reference:

16 fps = 0.06

20 fps = 0.05

24 fps = 0.04

30 fps = 0.03

Saving the Video

Go back to the “Home” tab and scroll through the “Sharing” window until you find the proper settings.  I photographed this carnival ride in a 16:9 aspect ratio with over 1920×1080 pixels, so I’m able to select the “High-Definition (1080p)” option.

After you’ve saved the video, you can open it in Movie Maker and edit it the same way as any other video.

Here’s the final result of the video I made during this tutorial.  The people in the foreground toward the end are picking up the pieces of someone’s mobile phone after it flew off the ride.


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