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This week’s post is a bit different because these are the first videos I’ve made where I didn’t take the photographs myself.  I’ve been trying different web cam capturing programs for the last couple of weeks and came across these photo series.  I downloaded the photos using the DownloadThemAll! Firefox extension (download link) and processed them normally with VirtualDub.

The first video was made from photos taken by NASA’s SOHO spacecraft.  The blue color is used to show a limited temperature range.  The website also offers green, yellow, and red versions to indicate different temperature ranges.  I used six month’s worth of images for this video.  The website offers a lot of other interesting photos and some lower quality time lapse movies, but high quality images are available if you’re interested in making your own video.

The second video was made from images created by SSEC at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The video shows daily sea surface temperature changes between January 2009 – January 2010.  At the time of this post, these images are available on the SSEC website but have not been made in to a video by them.


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4 thoughts on “Videos Made From Image Series

  1. Hey Owen

    Good work on your site. I’ve only done a couple of timelapse movies and they have turned out okay, nothing spectacular, but the notes on some of your vids have given me ideas to work on.

    But this post about using webcams for timelapse is interesting. What software have you found which works and how have you hooked up the webcam?

    If you’ve done that I’d be fascinated to see.

    Keep up the work,


  2. 5mins after I posted the previous comment!

    Okay, I found what I was looking for – on your site. Ha ha.
    My fault!
    I did a search for ‘webcam’ on your site and found the references.

    Thanks again. I’ll drop you a line if I try any of this software.


    1. Hi Sam,

      I’m glad you found the software. I also want to post about using your own webcam to make a time-lapse but I have to find good, free software first.


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