Tahoe HDR

Here’s another video I made on my day trip to Tahoe.  I used HDR in order to capture the highlights and shadows, but forgot the first rule of HDR–have plenty of free memory. I’m already working on a couple of posts for the coming weeks, but I plan to do a multi-part article on HDR soon.

There’s some flicker in this video even though I used a deflicker filter. I’m attempting to switch from Windows Movie Maker to VirtualDub and trying to figure out too many things at once.  I’m sure I could have cut down on the flicker if I had adjusted the filter, but producing a working video is enough of an accomplishment for this week.


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2 thoughts on “Tahoe HDR

  1. Locks great!

    I got the same camera that you have. I used yout tutorial to install the CHDK.
    Now… how do you create timelapse-video in HDR?

    how do you set the camera?
    how do you process the photos?
    which programs do you use?

    Cheers from Spain!

    1. I’ll finish my blog post on HDR soon. I have most of it written but need to grab a few screen shots. I’ll go into more detail in the post, but I use my camera’s built-in bracketing, Photomatix HDR software, and VirtualDub to fix any flicker. Hope that helps.

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