Chalk up a new way to ruin a time lapse–goats. That’s right, I’ve dealt with rain, wind, and dogs without too much trouble, but a goat ruined one of the time lapses for this video because I put my tripod on top of some tasty dandelions as I tried to photograph grazing sheep. After a step back from the fence, my second time lapse was more successful, although cut short by cloud cover.

Almost all of the shots for this video were done using full manual, including focus, light, and white balance. Most are typical cloud shots, but I broke the rule of thirds for the shot of the green field. I felt that a 50/50 composition was more aesthetically pleasing. It seems to work because the field is more dynamic than most of the other shots and the green draws the eye almost as much as the clouds.

The music for this week’s video came from This website allows artists, after a quick sign-up, to download tracks for free use in nonprofit or non-commercial works. The song selection is limited to what appear to be rejected songs and B-sides, but, hey, it’s Moby, and you can sleep easier knowing that you won’t be sued.

This video was also featured on the very cool Abduzeedo website along with many other time lapse videos.


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