Day and Night

This is my favorite time lapse video so far.  I feel the different elements came together nicely.

The final scene is from the Feb. 27, 2009 confluence of the moon and Venus. I originally feared that the light cloud cover would foil my plans, but it served as a scrim for the astronomical ballet. I feel that the resulting video turned out well, but it also demonstrated some of the limits of my camera. Even at ISO 400, there’s more noise in the image than I’d hoped. I set the aperture at 2.7 (the widest setting), but I still had to use a 2.5 second exposure, which caused a lack of definition in the clouds and along the edges of the quickly setting moon. The Moon and Venus are the two brightest objects in the night sky, so I don’t have much of a chance of being able to photograph stars.

I recorded some of the settings used for this video in case anyone is interested.

First scene (clouds) – program, set WB, manual focus inf., 7 sec. intervals, 100 ISO

Second scene (tree) – full manual, 1/1200, 80 ISO, f5?, 7 sec., set WB, MF inf.

Third scene (sunset) – program, set WB, MF inf., 7 sec. int., 200 ISO

Fourth scene (Moon and Venus) – manual, 2.5 sec. exposure, 2 sec. intervals, ISO 400, f2.7, set WB, MF inf.


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